Monday, November 17, 2014

Does Quarterback Luke Wingo Get a Free Pass? Will Mark Linder Please Explain This Discrepancy?

We would like some elucidation on this...

Last week three UNA football players were arrested on misdemeanor alcohol charges:

The Flor-Ala has stated: Linder said the players will not be suspended from the team. He said any time players are charged with a misdemeanor, they are not suspended.

However, only a week before, two UNA players were arrested for misdemeanor theft. 

At that time, an article in the TimesDaily stated: UNA Athletic Director Mark Linder said the two players have been suspended indefinitely from the football team and all football-related activities.

So, which is it, Mr. Linder? Either you do suspend for misdemeanors or you don't. Someone isn't getting a fair shake here, and it would seem to be the two shoplifters...or could it be the other three got more than a little preferential treatment since the group included the star quarterback?


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