Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Appeals Court Says Hershel Graham Is Guilty

A second round of appeals in the manslaughter conviction of Hershel Dale Graham has affirmed the original jury decision. Franklin County District Attorney Joey Rushing stated the next round of appeals, if Graham chooses, would be the State Supreme Court.

Graham, a former professional wrestler, has claimed numerous health problems; however, there didn't seem to be anything wrong with his trigger finger when he shot husband and father David Andrasik. The Red Bay man still maintains he can no longer walk, but is often seen out and about at Walmart and other shopping meccas.

Should Graham not continue with his appeals process, he will serve only two years in prison, with the remainder 12 years on probation assuming good behavior.


A reader on athlete arrests:

This reminds me of Tanner high school several years ago. A player was arrested for breaking into cars, but it was during the football season and he was a good player. They eventually came up with a policy. If a player was arrested during a season he was given a warning, and if he was arrested a second time during the same season he could face discipline. Arrests outside the season or from a previous season didn't count.


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