Saturday, November 8, 2014

The League of the Red Headed Educators

From a reader:

With regards to the Muscle Shoals City Schools' student that was punished for daring to dye her hair: MSHS's principal alleges that this student's brilliant and vibrant hair color somehow created the possibility for a classroom disturbance, thereby creating an atmosphere not conducive to learning. Hogwash.  WHO ultimately caused the 'disturbance'?  WHO drew attention to this student's hair?  WHO is ultimately going to cause the Muscle Shoals City School System to spend thousands of taxpayer dollars in defending the principal's actions?

Due to the nature of my profession, I have the opportunity to frequent dozens of public schools on a regular basis.  I frequently observe students that have, for whatever reason, chosen to dye their hair a myriad of colors.  I have yet to witness where doing so has created or fostered an environment opposed to learning.

The Muscle Shoals City Schools system would be well-advised to review the case of Tinker v Board of Education before this incident spirals beyond their control.


We'll inject here that such hair color might bring, if not a disturbance, at least some odd looks...for only a few days. Since this hair color was not new to the student, it shouldn't have been noticed. Note: Insufficient clothing on anyone is always a disturbance with anyone in high school no matter how many times it's worn.


We've been sent a fourth question concerning ethics. It is somewhat similar to the police chief/magistrate conundrum, but does deserve a long and thoughtful look when we begin our series.

Very interesting that two of our four questions involve Roger Bedford...


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