Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Traffic Cones & Police Cars

In the fall of 2010, a Lauderdale County commissioner filed ethics complaints against the EMA director. His ethical crime? Lending traffic cones for an instructor to use in a class which taught local EMA workers. The commissioner's view was that these traffic cones benefited those from outside the county and that the instructor received a small fee.

The complaint was taken seriously by the ethics commission, but the final ruling was that the director had benefited no way financially; ergo, he was not charged for any wrongdoing and kept his position. Now we have a somewhat similar case in Colbert County.

The difference? Phil Andrews is involved in an election and, if he should win, will benefit greatly financially. The biggest difference may be that this complaint involves a federal charge since it concerns an election. If Mr. Andrews wins the election, he will face not only state ethics charges, but federal as well. That's of course if any choose to pursue it that far, and we believe those involved would do so.


From a reader:

The beauty of blog spots are that they are open forums to any kind of antics, not like media outlets that have an obligation to verify a source's story. Much like the rumors and lies about animal cruelty charges against Andrews in Colorado.

I would think the attorney that Andrews hired to make sure things were done right when he found out there was an issue over a guided hunt should be a little worried over his violation of attorney/client privilege for "leaking" such false information to anyone. But that is for another day and time for that to be brought out against the man that is now an elected official and good friend of Frank Williamson.

What I am writing to you about is this bandwagon you jumped on without checking things out.

Superior Print Solution was one of the 4 sponsors of the First Responders Fun Fest on Saturday along with Phil & Tracy Andrews, Isbell Pumpkin Farms, and Monty Allen / Patriot Realty.

ALL First Responders in Colbert County were invited and committed to having someone from their departments there. 

Those who did not have conflicts or were short handed and able to attend that I saw and spoke with while I was there:

M.S. Canine Officer/drug dog (stopped by)
Air Evac Emergency Air Ambulance
Sheffield Fire Department 
Colbert County Sheriff Deputies (stopped by)
Spring Valley Volunteer Fire Department
Colbert Heights Volunteer Fire Department.

There could have been others, but I was not at the event the whole time.

Ethics Violation? I would be highly surprised if that's the case considering the full story.

Sad that anyone would chastise a man like Phil Andrews that has led a clean life and took time away from his campaign trail to help with such a good community event with some of the businesses in Colbert County.

In time, I think your endorsement of Williamson will prove to rank up there with the endorsement you gave Anthony Olivis.


Our answer is simply this:

1) We felt the Facebook page and photographs of participants verified that the event happened. You are also saying it happened. How much more verification do we need?

2) Mr. Andrews used the event to campaign. His signs were everywhere. As for four sponsors? Whose name was the largest?

3) The event used equipment paid for by taxpayers. Do you think all taxpayers in Muscle Shoals or Sheffield support Mr. Andrews? How were the taxpayers who support Frank Williamson represented? Did Mayor Bradford call up Mr. Williamson and ask if he could give equal support to Williamson with these taxpayer dollars?

4) Would a man "like Phil Andrews" have sponsored the fun fest if he hadn't been running for an office?

4) In the end, if Andrews wins, he will be costing Colbert County mucho bucks in lost time, etc., as well as forking over his own blunt to defend himself.

5) We don't know who leaked the Colorado charges against Andrews, but they were sent to us under what we believe to be a fictitious name. When posted to our Facebook page, we removed the information. 

6) Speaking colloquially, do you think Frank Williamson could ever measure up to Anthony Olivis' jerkness?


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  1. I attended this event last year with the same VFD's and Air Vac.