Monday, November 3, 2014

Special: J. Redmon on Rick Singleton

This is in response to the gentleman that attempted to say that Singleton hadn't been a 'working cop' in a very long time.  I'd like to know if this gentleman would consider a hospital administrator, that had a medical degree, to be a 'doctor'?  Would the gentleman consider a school system superintendent to be an 'educator'?  As a former LEO and a retired educator, I hope the gentleman has the intelligence to answer in the affirmative.  Positions of authority often dictate that others under your command or direction are delegated the authority to act on your behalf.  I think Singleton has demonstrated that he has that experience.  I also know that regardless of one's position in the scheme of things, those under you are human and are most capable of making mistakes in judgment and will eventually suffer the consequences of their actions.  While some will claim such behavior is indicative of poor leadership, history is full of examples of great leaders that had inept staff beneath them, and yet they still managed to do their jobs..

J. Redmon

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