Thursday, November 20, 2014

Angels & Devils?

There's been much said about Angel Trees recently. At one time, the Salvation Army also erected a tree for nursing home patients. We haven't seen those recently. If you would like to help a senior adult in care, we have a suggestion.

For several years, the Heart's Cry Thrift Store at Elgin had their own Angel Tree for nursing home patients. Denise Melton told us that often some names went unclaimed and many who were claimed still received nothing. Now Mrs. Melton purchases each patient a small fitting gift.

This is very expensive as you can imagine. If you would like to help the Meltons with this project, here's the info:


We have received this communication from Mr. Mark Linder, UNA athletic director:

If you post this response, I request your professional courtesy to post it in its entirety…

“Shoalanda Speaks, 

There was not a policy change. We handled both situations within the framework of our policy for misdemeanors. In all cases, our main objectives are to correct behavior and to use the experience as a learning opportunity for our student. In both situations, we are quite satisfied that occurred.  

If you would like to continue to discuss this issue, I will certainly make myself available for an in-person meeting with you. We thank you for your interest in UNA Athletics and Roar Lions!


Mark Linder”

Unfortunately, the missive doesn't address the issue. Surely if Mr. Linder had been misquoted by the campus news, he would have stated so here. All five players committed a Class A misdemeanor, for which legal punishment is the same. This was the quote from the Flor-Ala:

Linder said the players will not be suspended from the team. He said any time players are charged with a misdemeanor, they are not suspended.

Yet the two second string players were suspended. Why?

Someone has said on Facebook that a thief is worse than an obnoxious drunk. We've thought about that statement, and cannot decide if we agree or not. Those drunks could have taken to the road and killed someone quite easily. It wasn't their first rodeo with Florence Police, yet they're not suspended.

What does this tell us? O.B. called Coach Bowden's teams a thug culture. It seems it's still alive at UNA. Win at any cost and make up the rules as you go along.



  1. You ask "why" but ignore the fact that Mr. Linder said, "If you would like to continue to discuss this issue, I will certainly make myself available for an in-person meeting with you."

    So there you have it. If you really want to get to the bottom of the issue, you'll make that face to face meeting happen. If not, you'll continue to hide behind anonymity and pick on the people you don't like. And the devil only knows how you pick and choose who you will harass.

    It makes you look rather cowardly. I suppose if I'd told some of the whoppers you've told about folks in this blog (and left out others who did things much worse) I'd hide, too. It must suck to be you.

    As far as the UNA team goes, players don't only get suspended for being arrested. It could be as simple as their disrespectful attitudes after the fact that the coach/admin felt it was better to have them off the team indefinitely. Now that the thug Bowden is gone, it does seem very unfair of you to call the team a thug culture. Really? Oh wait. We are talking about Shoalanda Speaks. You've never been fair. Are you the same folks who ran that Karma blog? You all are the thug culture.

    1. 1) Please name a "whopper." We regularly get email that says we're "wrong," but never tell us about what. That would really help in us issuing a retraction if one was needed.

      2) We were no addressing all suspensions, but two sets which came within three weeks of each other and had totally different outcomes despite Mr. Linder's stated policy.

      3) Telling the truth about a public person isn't harassing anyone.

  2. After rereading my comment, whew! That’s too much snark, even for me. I’ll rephrase.

    Let me first say that I sometimes agree with SS, albeit a lot less these days than I used to.

    In the past when someone has different info on one of your chosen ones to hate, you blow it off and add more insult to injury. You don’t back off, even when you are wrong. I remember when a young lady was killed in a fiery crash and you put her pic on your page complete with flames at the bottom. Maybe that was a temporary lapse of good judgment. But your refusal to remove it image after your fb page and comments on this site were flooded with people asking and some demanding that you take it down spoke volumes about your character. You reveled in refusing to do so.

    Instead of saying whoppers, I will say you sometimes go on wrong information, sometimes patently false, other times exaggerations. The reason I am not specific is not for my own sake, it’s because I do not want to further hurt or insult the families involved. Even if you think you’re just telling the truth, you are at times just mean, and families do feel harassed. Some of your stories and updates are completely unnecessary and look as if you just wanted to be able to bad-mouth your chosen ones some more, complete with name-calling. There is worse local stuff going on that is completely ignored by this blog.

    UNA – If you really want to get to the bottom of the issue, meet Linder face to face as he suggested. There is most likely something you don’t know about the first two suspensions. He did his part by agreeing to meet with you, will you do yours?