Saturday, November 15, 2014

To Parole or Not to Parole?/Amber Marie Wood

We have a corrected report from D.K.:

Tammy Irons did NOT attend  the parole hearing, but she did write a letter each time, and only way we would have known that Tammy Irons & other State Reps had written letters, Johnny Mack Morrow while speaking for 10 minutes, told the Parole Board it was his first time ever there, as he was waving his arms, he proudly told who had written letters on behalf a Convicted person by a Jury & Sentenced by a Judge in Franklin County. Roger Bedford was there that morning of the hearing, but sneaked out the door before the hearing started.   
This same hearing was held less than 2 years before, before these same parole board members; they turned down the Parole for a max of 5 years the first time. When some questioned why, we were warned to let it go, or we (VOCAL) would no longer get support from them.
I feel any one has a right to protest for or against any Parole Hearing, but should not do so under a letterhead as a State Rep. or Senator.


Obviously, this is something D.K. has been very concerned about. The more we think about state legislators using their influence either way, the more we feel this should be banned.

Note: This is an instance of a hearing originally being put off five years, but then rescheduled for only two due to outside influence.


Many have expressed concern over this parole hearing. Some have suggested that Autumn has been in trouble, having once being assigned to the Birmingham work release center, then being transferred to the Montgomery facility. Since she's lost no good time, this could have been done due to a medical problem. Note: Not all inmates housed in a work release facility are actually work release; many are actually minimum-out as Amber is.

We don't think members of Brooklyn's family have to worry about Amber making parole, unless there should be some dramatic new influence--either a paid attorney or a state legislator, etc. Her release date is two years after her parole hearing, so neither do we see her having a second hearing in the intervening 24 months.


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