Friday, July 18, 2014

Is Justin Matthew Green a Killer?

Often we know we’re preaching to the choir on many issues. Surely all of us, who are even minimally sane, want to protect our children. Then why don’t we?

How many times do we read of a child found dead while in the care of the mother’s boyfriend? And please tell us about this phenomenon...why leave your children in the care of someone younger than you (oh, sure he’s a stud!) and who has absolutely no idea how to take care of a cocker spaniel much less a human child? Why?!!!!!

Let’s look at Justin Matthew Green, all of 25 years of age. He’s been charged in Lauderdale County in the death of one of his girlfriend’s three children (God only knows where the father/s was/were). An electrical cord was...somehow...wrapped three times around the neck of the youngest child, aged 13 months. Did Green do this intentionally?

There were two older children in the home, aged four and five, who could have done the crime in a joking way, not realizing the consequences of their actions. Both young children deny abusing their young sibling.

Now we have to ask another question or two. Do the police actually think one or both of the young children killed their sibling, either intentionally or accidentally? If so, the charge of criminally negligent homicide is appropriate for Green. Psychological help is also indicated for the entire family. Or do authorities think Green intentionally killed the child himself and don’t have the evidence (at least yet) to prove it?

Justin Matthew Green is in all liklihood much more of a killer than Jodey Wayne Waldrop, yet he will one day walk free and live as normal a life as someone of his intelligence/morality can. No one said life is fair, and our judicial system proves it everyday.

We’re going to add a word of warning to young mothers: Sex/Affection is not worth more than the life of your child, or at least it shouldn’t be to any caring, intelligent person. If you can’t take care of a child, don’t have one. Yeah, we know...that last piece of advice is going to go a long way.



  1. Make sure you have your facts right before going on blogging about things that the facts are not even close to right.

    1. Most people who contradict facts never offer their version. Care to?

    2. The only FACT that I can see missing appears to be an omission by you, which is a sad attempt to sway others to your point of view, the little girl in this sad story was his daughter. I'm sure you already knew this I only answer your goading question and poor attempt at seeming superior for the benefit of your readers.

    3. No, the article does not say to who the father was. Our point of the blog was that whoever killed child had wrapped the cord around the neck tightly and a number of times. It seems highly unlikely that a 13 month old did this to herself.

  2. Yes he is, it takes a sorry person to blame a child

  3. Why does it have to be approved yours is not the facts because he's guilty not my grandbabies or there father only one guilty is Justin Mathew Green

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