Wednesday, July 16, 2014

You Can Say It Here...Well, Most of It

We’ve always stressed our policy on guest editorials/blogs/columns. They don’t have to follow our lead; they can be diametrically opposed to our ideologies as long as they aren’t violent, profane, or libelous. So we were a little shocked when a friend asked if we would publish an editorial in support of Augie Hendershot for Lauderdale County Sheriff.

Obviously the answer is “yes.” Just as obviously we will also stand waiting with quill in hand to rebut the rebuttal. We’ve never been accused of being short on verbiage. Political debate is good for the system. Voters need to be involved and educated. Sadly, that seems to be a rarity in Northwest Alabama.

We don’t expect anyone to vote for a candidate simply because anyone here says to. We do expect voters to be able to give a logical reason for voting as they do. Remember, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. Learn a little. Live dangerously...


We’re accepting restaurant reviews for the Shoals Cuisine blog. Besides eateries, we accept reviews of prepared foods, as in packaged barbeque, rolls, pizza, etc. Fill us in on your favorite places to eat or your favorite supermarket buy.


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