Saturday, July 12, 2014

Now We're Told...

Helen Keller Hospital Appeal Phase II—Now we’re told this second round of appeals may take as much as one year. Why? Why is Keller, etal, prolonging what is a 99.99% certain victory for Regional Care and a new hospital in Lauderdale County? The word that comes to mind is vindictiveness...

Flooding in Tuscumbia? Now we’re told as many as 40 sites in Tuscumbia flood several times a year. Citizens seeking relief have been told there may be no repair.

Repair? That would indicate that flooding was once controlled. There’s no “repair” involved. These flood victims are asking the City of Tuscumbia to initialize some flood control in their areas. Why should this be too much to ask?

Perhaps these Tuscumbia flooding victims could move to Muscle Shoals? Yes, gentle readers, that was said with tongue in cheek.


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