Thursday, July 10, 2014

Augie? Really?

The lesser of two evils? Our friend OB is endorsing Lexington Police Chief Augie Hendershot for Lauderdale County Sheriff. We respect OB greatly. We usually respect his judgment, but in this case we have quite differing opinions.

Chief Hendershot has never, to our knowledge, supervised over one paid employee as Lexington chief. For those who might not be familiar with the town of Lexington, it is primarily an agricultural center located at the crossroads of two state highways. The population is slightly over 800. What Hendershot has done is create quite a book of press clippings. In other words, he’s a big frog in a small pond.

We like big frogs in small ponds, but invariably some of these frogs want to become medium frogs in medium ponds...or even big frogs in medium ponds. Sorry, Florence doesn’t qualify as a big pond; it barely qualifies as a medium pond unless compared to Lexington. There’s nothing wrong with that if one is qualified. We do not believe Chief Hendershot is.

Remember the recent suit against General Motors by a Lauderdale family? The family fought hard to have the cause of the accident listed as ignition failure; however, if you read the articles in the TimesDaily...articles which contain dramatic quotes from Hendershot, it would seem he discovered this fatal problem in the deceased woman’s vehicle.

We currently have a sheriff who’s a laughing stock; let’s not repeat that mistake by electing Augie Hendershot to serve the citizens of Lauderdale County.


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