Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Criminal...Or Just Unethical?

We usually, during any campaign season, receive documentation concerning the past exploits of various candidates. This year has been no exception.

Many it would seem don’t understand the difference between ethical lapses and outright criminal behavior. If you’re the mayor and you hire your brother-in-law to perform work that is in excess of a certain amount, you may be subject to certain ethical violations since you didn’t bid the job out.

Hiring one’s shiftless relatives is not quite the same as robbing a bank, nor is a financial judgment. Many individuals have judgments and/or garnishments due to medical bills not being paid in sixty seconds or simply because they are in dispute. These are out neighbors, family, and sometimes even ourselves.

Many argue that those who need money can be bribed. We’re sure this is true in some cases, but we refuse to paint all such people with the same guilty brush.

Research your candidates well. Alabamians are not noted for intelligent decision at the polls. If you do have concerns, ask the candidate. We will give Lexington Chief Augie Hendershot props on this issue since he has proclaimed he answers every call and every question from Lauderdale County citizens.

Your vote, your choice, and your onus for four years once elected.

We’ve had more e-mails concerning what may or may not be an unethical situation in the Lexington Municipal Court. The “good” news is that municipal courts don’t handle felonies; the “bad” news is that one convicted in municipal court may still be subject to hundreds of dollars in fines.

We advise anyone with questions about a previous conviction in Lexington Municipal Court (after the marriage of Chief Augie Hendershot and Clerk Jennifer Sledge) to contact an attorney. If he/she thinks you have a case, rest assured you won’t be the first to sue that Lauderdale County town. It would seem Lexington may have the same “above the law” attitude of the Alabama Music Hall of Fame?



  1. I would say it is unethical. I will support the man and best candidate with a proven track record . Someone with the management and leadership skills needed to protect the citizens and the officers. Someone with family values , character and morals. A working Sheriff !Not one who props his feet on the desk and whines. We have had that for the past 8 years , so let's move on! How much leadership ability does it take to lead a 2 person team in a 1 flashing light town? Someone made a slight comment that citizens of Lexington were gonna put Augie in to get him out of their city. Really bright idea . Well just fire him! You think it's bad now , put him over your county . The only man qualified for the job is Rick Singleton!