Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Why Anonymity?

We have always promised our contributors anonymity unless they wish credit for their work. We do not plan to change that policy. We also have always, detractors' opinions aside, published work sent to us with which we either partially or totally disagree. We believe in giving a voice to the public and to our readers in particular. If any readers wonder why we don't have more guest commentaries, it's because most readers will not respond with anything...simple as that.

As stated earlier, we disagree with most of the assessment on Lauderdale County School Board member Chad Holden, but no, we will not name the cartoonist or the person who sent it to us--two different individuals. If you send us any work, we will keep your name in confidence.

BTW, we always love it when a reader posts on FB that we don't offer rebuttal to our opinions. We have practically begged for it in the past. Why do some take the time to kvetch about blog content, but not to offer a public rebuttal? Readers?


We've had questions about Brady Ann Irons, currently incarcerated in the Florence Detention Center on two counts of heroin sales. First, to answer one question, she is NOT charged with trafficking. Second, she faces the same two charges her lover boy Wes Akin faces from that particular drug roundup.

We assume the two were together during the sale. A good attorney should be able to get these charges reduced since they don't involve trafficking. Trafficking charges, by Alabama law, cannot be reduced. Ta ta, Wes...


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