Friday, July 11, 2014

Olivis v. Traditional Good Ol' Boys

A word about Mr. Olivis and good ol’ boys: A reader has suggested that previous superintendents in Colbert County have been at the forefront in good ol’ boy debacles in the past. We are aware of some of these brouhahas and feel that most of them resulted in a “pass the trash” scenario.

However, the recent physical altercation at Leighton Elementary School resulted in something more sinister. We understand the alleged attacker wasn’t simply terminated with a good recommendation, but is still in the employ of Colbert County Schools. This is unacceptable...or it certainly should be unacceptable to all Colbert County parents.

This situation is still developing and still under investigation by authorities. A source tells us Mr. Olivis personally took the reins of the school’s investigation from the school’s principal. Apparently, not only the buck stops at the top, the coverup also begins there.

We have seen several comments concerning the situation at Colbert Heights Elementary School. Some parents have stated the “feeling” around campus is much better now that Bob Montgomery is no longer principal. One of the...actually the only...specific comment concerned easier access to the campus.

That sounds good doesn’t it? It would sound good if this were 1944. In 2014, we would think access to the campus should be strictly controlled. Any person, parent or other, should be willing to enter a specific door, present identification, present credentials if needed, and in short, be willing to invest a few more minutes of his/her time in order to maintain a secure campus.

Yes, some rules sound silly. We see them every day. Just wait until there’s an incident when these rules aren’t being followed. Who will be the first to complain? We’re going to take a highly educated guess that it will be the same parents who now want easier access to their child’s school.


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