Sunday, July 27, 2014

AMHOF: $713.00 v. $15K

Wiley Barnard, former director at the beleaguered Alabama Music Hall of Fame, owes his erstwhile emploiyer 713.00. AMHOF owes him 15K. Isn’t it nice the TimesDaily article on discrepancies and other folderol at the AMHOF dealt mainly with the 713.00 debt? Not to mention the even more startling revelation much farther down in the story that the HOF’s board had never bothered to announce their meetings? We believe that’s where the expression “sheer unmitigated gall” comes in.

Now, we ask if the board will have to pay a hefty fine for violating the Sunshine Law? If the HOF wants the help of Alabama taxpayers, it has to be open and transparent with both its personnel and financial dealings. No access; no money.

Also, after David Johnson’s dismissal as director, the board made sure the volunteer association affiliated with the HOF knew it was no longer wanted. Once it disbanded, the board started a new volunteer group to raise funds, or at least this new group was founded with the board’s blessing. Is Buel Springer as eager to have this second group audited as he was the first.

In reality, volunteer groups usually face no audits. A major caveat: Be careful where you donate your money. We prefer to give to such animal rescue groups as HASRA. Sure, their clients have less hair that those the AMHOF fawn over, but we’re sure they’re much better kissers...


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