Monday, July 14, 2014

Thoughts on Two Failures...

What of the Cypress Lakes golf course? We understand that this property also includes tennis courts and other amenities. Unlike the golf course, upkeep to these venues seems to be minimal.

Do the citizens of Muscle Shoals want to sell Cypress Lakes after so many of their tax dollars have been poured down the 18 holes? Do they want to throw good money after bad?

A reasonable solution might be to lease the facilities to a management company. The city’s monthly income would be regular and guaranteed. Such arrangements often work well, but some do not. It’s an idea that the Muscle Shoals City Council should look into.

Has the former International Paper Company already been purchased? That's the rumor; however, there doesn't seem to be any paper trail in the state. Options, etc., aren't always filed at a local courthouse, so the tales of a new small, non-union paper mill may be true. Stay tuned...


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