Wednesday, July 2, 2014

$37.00 Loss Per Muscle Shoals Citizen?

From a reader: Anyone wonder why the city councilmen of Muscle Shoals that are golfers all play their regular games at the RTJ facility, rather than the city-owned Cypress Lakes?


The Turtle is Getting Military Honors?


We see that Cypress Lakes management/City of Muscle Shoals is now admitting losing 500K last year. The last year for population figures is 2012. At that time, the city had 13,371 residents. So each and every citizen of Muscle Shoals kicked in over $37.00 to fund Cypress Lakes' losses.

Citizens of Muscle Shoals, is this course worth $37.00 a year to you? If you're a family of three, you put up over $112.00 for this green elephant's losses. Wouldn't that have purchased you all a nice steak least you would have something to show for it.



  1. I took golf in college and enjoyed it as a leisure sport that could be expensive since we always went to Turtle Point. I personally think tax money can be better spent that benefits the majority of citizens. Recreation for our youth is an essential need, but as adults, we as adults should choose where we spend AND LOSE our money. That course has always lost money and obviously private owners couldn't afford the losses. That should tell us plenty. My Opinion, which I think is still legal.

  2. Is it true that the city councilmen don't play at Cypress Lakes Golf Course? What business owner doesn't shop at his own store? I hope the city councilmen will start spending their personal money at the taxpayer's golf course. Personally, I would prefer adults fund their own leisure past times - I certainly do. My opinion - which I think is still legal.