Sunday, July 20, 2014

Stars Don't Fall on Sweet Home Alabama

If you want to give a jeweler a good laugh, ask him to inscribe “Look how this ring encompasseth thy finger” inside a ladies wedding band. Why? It’s a beautiful line from Shakespeare, isn’t it. Yes, it was spoken by Richard III to Lady Anne; he married her with the intention of murdering her, and it wasn’t pretty, folks.

It would seem most of our pols in Montgomery are just as clueless when they espouse the “Sweet Home Alabama” lyrics to identify with our beautiful state. Even that sorry, lowdown Dem crook Don Siegelman was intelligent enough to know what Alabama needed in way of a colloquial advertising motto.

But let’s continue to be as dumb and inane as possible. The federal government likes states to be that way. Let’s never strive to rise above the chaff. If we did, it just might cause some high tech industries to look twice at us...or even some think tanks...and we certainly wouldn’t want that.

Thank God the motto “Sweet Home Alabama” no longer fits on our license plates. Not that our current plates have any artistic merit of which to boast. Even atheists are so appalled by the artwork they request the “God Bless America” alternative.



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