Tuesday, July 22, 2014

News from the Courier-Journal

Things we learn from reading the Courier Journal:
  1. Logan’s was the nation’s first casual steakhouse (founded 1991). Really? Then all those times we ate at Golden Corral, Western Steer, etc. we were actually enjoying fine formal dining? The mind wobbles.
  1. Mr. Euell White states that the voting majority doesn’t know what “impeached” means. Actually, if it had been a game show question, we would have guessed the majority doesn’t know, but it’s nice to see Mr. White commenting on the state of education in the U.S. He's 100% right as usual.
  1. Regular columnist Cathy has an extremely well-written piece about the pitfalls of promiscuity. I think her error is in not realizing many young women want to have a child for their boyfriends to kill so they in turn will have their fifteen minutes of fame with some sympathy rolled in.

We blogged recently on the death of a 13 month old while in the charge of Justin Matthew Green. Official reports indicated it had at least been considered the two older children could have killed the child. We have to ask if the youngsters, now five and six, are in some sort of state protective custody.

Oh, we’re sure if anyone asked, the answer would be DHR is monitoring the situation. Yep...that goes a long way in Alabama.


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