Saturday, July 26, 2014

Is Lexington Running an Ethical Municipal Court?

While we have offered to publish any comments/platforms from Lexington Police Chief Augie Hendershot, we have so far received none. No matter, our friend O.B. Has been privileged to receive a missive from Hendershot, current Democratic nominee for Lauderdale County Sheriff, and we will publish some of H. Hollow Hendershot’s words of wisdom in coming blogs.

We have also been notified that Hendershot’s current wife, Jennifer Sledge Hendershot, is not only the Lexington Town Clerk, but has input into any arrests via her additional duties as Municipal Court Clerk/Magistrate. The reader who informed us wanted to know if this arrangement was a conflict of interest and an illegal Lexington practice since it could be considered "a flagrant conflict of interest." While this scenario certainly seems to entail a conflict, we had never considered this aspect of the arrangement and we are not juris doctors; however, we do have several friends/advisers who claim that distinction, and we are attempting to secure a comment on the legality of such.

To the reader who asked if we have obtained copies of Hendershot and Sledge-Hendershot’s latest divorces, we have not. Unless there is material that suggests something illegal (physical abuse usually), we don’t choose to publish information of that kind. Merely the number of divorces in Hendershot’s background proves him one who at best has an extremely warped idea of family values. What we will publish before the election is a list of those who have contributed to Hendershot’s campaign.

Lauderdale County, albeit growing slowly, is still the largest in Northwest Alabama; it needs experienced leadership in the office of sheriff...not a circus clown.


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