Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Heroin v. Methadone

Is Methadone the answer? We’ve heard many say that methadone clinics just trade one addiction for another. To an extent, that’s true, but there is also a very big difference.

Heroin is illegal. Period. It’s not legal in any state or territory. If you use heroin and are caught, you are in quite a bit of trouble. Once a physician treats a heroin addict, the patient will have a legal prescription for methadone. The patient will be highly regulated and every attempt to wean him/her from the addiction is made under close supervision which protects both the patient and the public.

Not all methadone patients are on the drug for life. Even if treatment is extended, it’s still far better than purchasing drugs on a street corner and winding up just a little bit dead.

Where should a heroin addict go for help first? We have two answer for that. In other words, it depends on the addict himself. We have information from two sources and will be discussing it more at a later date.

In the interim, if any readers have experience with local treatment centers, or comments on this addiction, feel free to send them. As always, they will be anonymous.

If any reader doesn’t feel comfortable e-mailing us from a personal account, we suggest G-Mail as the easiest method to set up a new account using a screen name. These are also helpful when responding to various offers, etc., online when one doesn’t want a personal mail box full of spam.


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