Thursday, July 17, 2014

Colbert County Schools Unimportant?

We’ve had some interesting comments on the state of security/ambiance/fuzzy feelings at Colbert Heights Elementary School. A recent blog commented on remarks from parents who were pleased with the changes that made school access easier, as well as proclaiming vaguely “you know, it’s just better.”

We’ve found when one asks for examples of either good, bad, or indifferent, a glaringly nebulous answer is all one receives; however, after our blog several (presumed) mountain matriarchs commented sentoriously that there had been few changes along those lines and we were just “stirring the pot” to mention them.

First, we have never been inside said school; all our information comes from parents and faculty. So we obviously have some parents who want this “betterment” advertised as proof of Mr. Montgomery’s failings, while we have other parents who wants this change relegated to the “it’s so minute, it hardly matters” department.

We’ll still accept comments on the security/ambiance/decorating/local color metamorphosis, but for those who disagree, please don’t shoot the messenger.

Now, for those who wish no more said about CHES, let us ask why? In case you, as parents/taxpayers are not aware, lawsuits are still extant against the Colbert County Board...not just arising from CHES, but related to draconian personnel changes at other Colbert County Schools as well. You may not care how your taxpayer dollars are used, but rest assured most do.

Second, let’s suppose Bob Montgomery (as well as two or three others) wins not only a large financial settlement from the school system, but also is allowed to return to his previous job from which he was suddenly extricated screaming and kicking. You who seem to like the current menage of teachers/administrators at the CHES should be aware that this is a possibility. Old news? Hardly, it’s still developing, and we will comment on it.


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