Monday, July 14, 2014

MS Industries & Ignorance?

We just love it when words are misused, especially when they become code for something else. Urban? Of course to many that means “inner city” or “ghetto.” Undocumented immigrants? We all know what those unfortunate people are, but let’s not offend them with the word “illegal.” Hmmmm, for that matter, why offend anyone with the word illegal. What’s illegal in some places is legal in others—think fireworks...or honor killings.

One word that certain groups have misused for decades is “ignorant.” We’ve just read of the tragic shooting of a New Jersey police officer. His killer was also killed, but some in local government are upset the killer should be publicly memorialized. Those who knew and loved the alleged burglar who shot the officer are hurting as well. City officials are calling these memorials to the gunman “ignorant.” No, those creating the memorials have a different opinion based on different values and emotions. They have all the facts...they are not ignorant.

How about a less tragic issue, one closer to home? MS Industries? Any readers have thoughts? As of now, we’re still open to information and opinions. When we or anyone forms an opinion on MS Industries at Wolf Springs, it will certainly not be a universal opinion held by all. No matter which side one takes, he/she isn’t ignorant. Different values and goals for this area will finalize the opinions of local citizenry. Let’s hope our local governments make the right choices in either supporting or refusing to work with this industry.


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