Sunday, November 12, 2017

Why the Left AND the NFL Are Destroying the NFL!

From Southern Son:

Sports are naturally competitive; athletes strive to achieve the best skills and to score the most runs, points, etc. Sports are basically the antithesis of the Left and principles of the Socialist Democrats in this country. Sports teach kids and people to achieve greatness and leftist, Socialists Democrats strive to destroy any institution that promotes such teachings in order to promote mediocrity and establish everyone as equal regardless of ability. There’s nothing Democrats hate worse than competition and/or free speech…just ask Rush Limbaugh, Milo Yiannopoulos, Ben Shapiro, Ann Coulter or the police and law enforcement of Chicago. The Leftist, Socialist Democrats’ end game is to destroy all institutions promoting principles of Western Civilization and impose Marxist, socialist policies throughout the World.

While not attempting to certify the medical issues regarding concussions and brain damage incurred by athletes due to not being a medical doctor, the left tried to hijack this issue as a way to bringing down football and boxing from both the top and bottom. They hoped to scare parents to keep their kids from playing sports and being “indoctrinated” contrary to the principles of the Left and of the Socialist Democrats in this country. Then they attempted to use trial lawyers to sue football teams of all stripes to shakedown and inflict monetary damages to destroy the sport. They have also instituted “mercy rules” in farm and little league baseball when one team scores “x” more runs than the other team by the 6th inning the game is over instead of playing a full nine innings. That way no one’s feelings get hurt. In tee ball, competition is discouraged because “everyone is a winner”. While having minimal success, those efforts failed as a whole. But if they destroy the “head of the snake”, the NFL, the Leftist, Socialist Democrats will kill the desire for kids to pursue football and football careers in coaching, playing, or front offices.

So Colin Kapernick takes a knee before the National Anthem on August 26, 2016, at a NFL game. The leftist, Socialist Democrats jumped on that event like a dog attacking a t-bone steak, just as they have hijacked various other issues as a means to achieve their end goal(s). The Socialist Left recognized the kneeling players for what they were and has treated them as such: puppets, suckers, naive celebrities, and vehicles by which to achieve a means to an end. When the left cannot win an election or debate they resort to “divide and conquer”. Call everything and everyone that doesn’t agree with them racist, bigoted, women haters, animal killers, Nazis and (insert the latest slander engineered by the tolerant Left). Knowing that sports fans tend to be very patriotic Americans who feel a duty to sing the National Anthem before sporting events, the Left pounced on the opportunity to divide and conquer the NFL. The Leftist, Socialist Democrats desire social equality as much as the Bush Family desire President Trump to say Grace at their Thanksgiving Dinner. Social Equality can be defined as a “level playing field” or an equal opportunity for all to achieve success in their own definitions. The leftist, Socialist Democrats are more concerned with Social Justice, which can be defined as unjust demoting of top achievers to a medium status and the unjust elevation of low achievers to medium status defined by the Left. Thus making one no more superior than the other in the “spirit of equality”. The underlying claim is that freedom must be sacrificed in order to redistribute income. “Social Justice is not possible without strong and coherent redistributive policies conceived and implemented by public agencies.” – The United Nations. “Present-day believers in an absolute truth identified with virtue and justice are neither willing nor desirable companions for the defenders of social justice.” – The United Nations. Soon other professional football players joined in taking a knee before the National Anthem. The Leftist, Socialist Democrats, ESPN and liberal news media keep beating the drum about Social Justice. But largely absent are riots demanding Kapernick be hired by a NFL team such as the Black Lives Matter riots in Ferguson following the (justified) shooting of Michael Brown following his assault on a police officer and in Baltimore following the death of Freddie Gray. In fact, it’s better for Kapernick not be hired by the evil owners otherwise they would lose their American version of Che Guevara and overall means to achieve their end game. If you are not familiar with Guevara please Google and learn about another role model of the Left. Let’s face it; most NFL athletes are just as much a media whore as any Hollywood celebrity. Every time their name is positively or negatively tweeted, mentioned on ESPN or other media they carve a notch in their headboard. ESPN and the national media with their unabashed, liberal slant are more than happy to provide coverage of their “genuine” efforts at Social Justice disguised as Social Equality. You cannot convince me that a player like Kapernick that had a $12.3 million signing bonus and a 2014 salary of just $645,000 can argue they are victims of social inequality. If he wants to advocate for Social Equality he should volunteer in community groups, set an example for inner city kids and donate money to various organizations that promote equality…not take a knee.

NFL fans gave the NFL an unofficial ultimatum…STAND OR ELSE! That message went in one ear and out the other of the NFL. The fans said adiĆ³s! Half-empty stands abound and media dollars are fleeing. Official sponsors are eyeing the doors waiting for the right moment to bolt. The NFL commissioner is too busy admiring himself in the mirror to care. Most NFL owners are looking at each other trying to figure out “who’s on third”, but can’t agree on “who’s on first”, first. Like him or not, the only owner that gets it is Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. Jones has reportedly hired lawyers to dump Goodell faster than Donna Brazile threw Hillary Clinton under the bus. Thus the ship of the NFL continues to sink. Rest assured as soon as the NFL owners get Goodell’s face away from the mirror and the players’ attention requiring everyone to stand the NFL ship will run into a hurricane on the high seas. The Leftist, Socialist Democrats will complete the family tree of every NFL owner tracing them back as a possible descendent of Hitler and all the way back to a Southern plantation owner from the 1860s. Goodell will be crucified for being the plantation foreman doing the bidding of the owners to control the players.

Kapernick took a knee and effectively pulling the plug on the ship of the NFL and it began to take on water. Kapernick then ran to Goodell, the Captain of the ship, for help and handed him the plug. Goodell, not knowing what the plug was for, looked back at the mirror admiring himself while the ship continues taking on water. The NFL players, who kneeled around Kapernick so it would not be obvious who pulled the plug on the ship, look around at each other saying “I ain’t did nuthin!” The fans bailed on lifeboats, sitting dry on the shore watching the ship sink. The owners then looked at Goodell as Captain to save the ship. Jerry Jones is the lone sailor who figured out the plug has been pulled. Goodell has locked himself in the Captain’s Room with the owners standing at the door. The owners will not move to let Jones through with the axe to break the door down to retrieve the plug from Goodell. NFL sponsors have their life jackets on and are preparing the lifeboats to jump ship. Looks like it depends on how quick Jones can move the owners aside, axe the door down, retrieve and replace the plug. Maybe throw some overboard for good measure. How long that process takes will determine how many will get wet and/or how many will go down with the ship. Meanwhile, the band keeps playing. Contrary to maritime tradition, I don’t think the captain will be allowed to go down with the ship.

To Major League Baseball: the Leftist, Socialist Democrats have their binoculars focused in on you and have fired the first shot from the grassy knoll.

To the National Basketball Association: Watch your six and specifically the grassy knoll.

Southern Son  



We're predicting Thanksgiving will be late in Alabama this year. It will come on December 13th, when voters can exhale and proclaim "Thank God it's over!"

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