Friday, November 3, 2017

Reward in Andrea Forbes Murder

It's been ten months since the body of Andrea Susan Forbes was found in her small Simpson Street apartment. We don't consider her a throwaway person and we sincerely hope investigators with the FPD feel the same way. We've heard enough rumors to launch a new conspiracy society. For all we know the FPD is ready to make an arrest on Monday...or has no more clue than it did when her body was discovered.

We've been sent information about a reward in the case. We're not standing behind this reward as being legitimate or not. We do know it often takes money to crack cases, so here's the reward poster as it was sent to us:


Did you know the bald eagle barely beat out the turkey as national bird? If the turkey had triumphed, would we be eating eagle on Thanksgiving?


We've had several comments on our blog from Southern Son. If you have a comment you wish posted, please send it now. We'll be publishing them soon.

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