Tuesday, November 14, 2017

What Roy Said/What the FPD Said

First, two quick comments about Roy Moore's denials concerning his latest accuser. 

1) Was his signature forged on the accuser's annual? It could have been; we're sure she won't mind a handwriting expert looking at it. Then perhaps a psychologist could tell us why Ray/Roy felt the need to add the credentials D.A. after his signature; bear in mind he was only the A.D.A. at this time.

2) Moore and his campaign state he's not familiar with the restaurant where his accuser worked. Was it even there in 1977? According to a city directory, it certainly was there. Not only was it in Gadsden, it was on U.S. 431, a major artery where Rally's Drive-In now sits.

We'll add that two more signatures from Roy's list of ministerial supporters have come under fire. That leaves 46. The absolute horrible part is that we're reading of those who say they couldn't care less if he's a rapist or not, they would never vote for a Democrat...Mo Brooks coming close to using these words himself. 



Now we come to the Florence police dog assault from this past Saturday night. Does it make a difference if the dog was on duty or not? Is this a major insurance point?

If you're not aware, an FPD K-9 jumped over a fence and immediately bit a woman...a woman who is a city employee, but not one who works for the FPD. The victim required surgery, and neighbors say she received injuries to her shoulder which are permanent.

Capt. Mike Holt of the FPD has been quoted as saying the dog, one of two reportedly owned by the department, was receiving a bath when he escaped the fenced-in area, making him "on duty" for maintenance. Neighbors report a different story, saying the dog's trainer and his girlfriend had just returned home and had let the dog into the back yard when it immediately jumped the fence. That would mean the dog was not on duty.

We have to ask not only which story is the true one, but why are there two distinct versions of the incident?

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  1. Dear Shoala.,

    Today the Odious Mr. Zeigler wrote in USA Today, in support of Roy Moore, that Doug Jones supports abortion "up until birth."
    This us utterly untrue AND would be illegal anywhere in the US.
    Would you please share this idiotic embarrassment to the state of Alabama?