Friday, September 26, 2014

Two Important Races for Sheriff

We’ve rewritten this several times, and it still falls short of what we want to say, but here goes:

1. Apologies to our guest blogger from earlier in the week. We are not going to publish part two of his editorial.

2. The bottom line of our editorialist’s blog is simply this: If you want to know who controls whom in a current election, simply go to the courthouse and look up property transfers to the candidates. It’s easy and it’s free.

3. The power broker our writer spoke of without naming? Yes, we know who he is, and he and his family have hurt many people, including many of our friends. God can take care of it. End of story.

4. PNS has posted some interesting articles on the quest for the office of sheriff in both Lauderdale and Colbert Counties. The two owners and the writer of one of these articles all toiled here at one time. These three are our friends. Our only point in mentioning Lexington Chief Augie Hendershot’s five marriages is that he’s campaigning on the “family values” platform, with frequent references to his “faith.”

5. How do you define “family values?” We saw an article earlier this week on “wife swapping for Jesus.” Apparently many have highly edited versions of Jesus’ word from which they take their morals.

6. As for Charger Dodge or any others who have questions for Hendershot, it’s best to approach him via his website and not filter them through this blog. Augie has promised to answer all questions posed him via phone or Internet, but we don’t feel he has a responsibility to look elsewhere for such questions.

7. We have not made a decision on whom to endorse in Colbert County. In Lauderdale, we endorse Rick Singleton who has run a clean campaign and is the more qualified. If Augie Hendershot should win? He’s still head and shoulders above our current high sheriff…we could do much worse.


A happier note: There once was a comic strip called “Geech.” Its characters all appeared to be in their 50s or 60s. One strip depicted two of the women in a bar, with one telling the other to check out a certain male.

The woman’s companion stated, “You’ve been married and divorced three times, Haven’t you heard the expression ‘three strikes and you’re out?’”

The first woman shot back, “Yes, but I can still engage in batting practice.”


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