Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A Fed Up Muscle Shoals Citizen

This blog is being published with the writer's name and his blessing. From Mr. Donald Brown:

Forget the support I voiced for the muscle shoals city councilmen in the past. I was told they are throwing money in that football field and stuff at that high school. One man said Joe Pampinto and Mr. Lockhard were the ring leaders in setting that whole deal up and those other councilmen went along with it. It seems Mr. Lockhard has a wife that works at the school and she runs the show and him.

Where are they getting all this money? Is it true that the taxpayers are going to pay almost 8 million dollars for a high school football field. the rumor is the press box cost 1 million dollars. That coach won't get anywhere near a state championship and us poor suckers will be paying for their ego trips for 30 years of more.
Vote 'em all out. I won't support one single person that is in office or none of those people in that school. Someone needs to stop that crap now. I' don't want anyone to know I live in a town that doesn't teach our kids values and educate them to be the smartest kids in the country. At least my daughter in law went to Sheffield and learned how to do graphics. I'm showing her artwork to everyone - you included.
Muscle Shoals can bad mouth Sheffield about how run down and poor they are - but she learned more at Sheffield than any of us learned at Muscle Shoals. What a shame.
 Posted by Bailey


  1. Get a life! Your post is grossly inaccurate, in that, you said that you don't want to be know to live "in a town that doesn't teach our kids values and educate them to be the smartest kids in the country." How do you know that? I am a graduate of MSHS from the 1980s. They prepared me well for life after MSHS which includes college life and life in the real world. I had great teachers and there were great administrators then and there still are in the MSC school system. Don't judge what you can't back up. Since the 1980s, there are 100s, if not 1000s of graduates who are representing MSHS proudly all around the WORLD…which includes me living in SE Asia. As for not wanting to live in Muscle Shoals and pay those taxes, then do us a favor and MOVE! Move to Sheffield or for that fact, MOVE out of state! - Sincerely FED UP with people speak before they think!

  2. I've been hearing for years that good football players are being recruited from other schools to come to MS. I heard that they have several housed that they either are renting or own that they are putting the families in.

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  4. Fed up needs to get the facts before he starts talking, if he would check the Trojan football team played in the State finals last year, so thats about as close to a championship as you can, and the football program by itself brought in $ 325.000 last year, and the first home game of the season this year was standing room only, no telling how much it will bring in this year, my tax dollars at work and working good.