Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Lexington Speaks, Will Augie Answer?

I’ve just received word that water bills in Lexington are going up to 35.00. My wife and I had been paying 30.00 for the little water we use. We have our outside water hooked to a well. That means our sewer is going up also.

My cousin doesn’t have a sewer connection, so his bill will go up to 38.00. In other words he pays 3.00 a month more because he doesn’t pay the sewer charge. Is this legal?

I can remember when Wal-Mart had to stop giving discounts on gas at Murphy Oil simply because it was paid for with a Wal-Mart card. It would seem to be something the Attorney General’s office should look into. I plan to request their opinion on the billing practice, but I realize it might be legal for Lexinbton since it’s a public utility.

Now, I want to ask our police chief Augie Hendershot something. Oh, I know that there’s a statute of limitations on theft. It’s been about 10 years since the forty thousand dollars went missing from the water department. There’s no way we’ll ever get it back.

Augie was chief then, and I’d like to know why he didn’t investigate the theft. He knew about it even if the water department wouldn’t bring in the ABI. Is this what Lauderdale County can expect if he becomes the new sheriff? Augie has said he’ll answer all questions, so here’s hoping he’s as good as his word on this one.

Charger Dodge


  1. Augie won't answer publicly, he knows who took it and he behaved like his usual jerk self. If Lauderdale elects Augie sheriff, it has only itself to blame.

    1. I hope people of Lauderdale county are smarter. But apparently the people of Lexington want him gone from their city bad enough to vote for him.

    2. I hope the people of Lauderdale county are smarter . We have had a do nothing Sheriff for 8 yrs . it's time to elect a take charge person with experience to back him up. But apparently the people of Lexington want Auggie gone bad enough they would vote for a man who has never supervised more than 2 men including himself, lol. Singleton for Sheriff !