Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Homicide Investigation in Florence...

We have been informed via a police department source that there is an ongoing homicide investigation in the city of Florence. There is also reportedly a person of interest in this investigation. We have the name, but no we won’t publish it.

Approximately one year ago, we asked on our Facebook page how many had known someone who was murdered. We received quite a few replies, some of them heartbreaking. We’ve known far, far too many…and we don’t understand it.

If you’ve never had a friend or acquaintance murdered, count yourself lucky, especially if you feel you didn’t do enough to maintain the friendship. We had just again blogged a few days ago about vengeance, yet that would sum up our feelings now if last night’s conversation is indeed true.

The sad thing is, unless there’s something we don’t yet know, the charge will be Felony Murder and will probably be pleaded down to manslaughter (or maybe not since we understand the suspect has some priors). The other thing we know about human nature? If we had been friends with the person of interest instead of the victim, we’d be praying for no indictment.

And how long will it take to indict? Let’s hope if the crime was as it has been described, the Lauderdale District Attorney gets it on the first try.

And if the info we were given is incorrect? It still gives us pause. Is how we vote or our religious bent enough to break the tender ties of friendship? We have so many friends out there and care about each and every one. Our blog anniversary is near, and we had thought about mentioning some friends we’d made here over the past six years. We thought better of that when we realized that inevitably some would be left out.

To each of you, thanks for your friendship. I think today’s blog now ties for the hardest thing we’ve ever written.

Pray for us all, especially family left behind with more questions than answers.



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    1. As of yesterday a.m., no. My source has gone very mum. That could mean anything. It's hard to know what would be a good outcome of this...