Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Agee & Scott: Long-Term Guests of the State

Richard Edward Agee Jr., of Tuscumbia, was arrested in 2010 for shaking a two year old child that belonged to his then girlfriend, a young woman who obviously makes the UNA terrorist look like Einstein. Perhaps she falls into the category of having a man at any price?

If you missed it, Agee has just been convicted of First Degree Rape in Franklin County. When publishing an article about the conviction, another local site mentioned his previous conviction for Aggravated Child Abuse.

Guess what? The current girlfriend is upset that anyone would be so unfair. Let’s see…she’s dating a man who abused a two-year old physically and three years later raped a woman. Yes, we can see how mentioning anything about these crimes is so unfair.

Note to this girlfriend: Get a cat. When Agee finally gets out of prison, you may have matured enough to realize there are much worse things in life than being sans a boyfriend.

Now, from baby shaker to baby snatcher. We’ve had another person contact us regarding Andrew Daniel Scott. We recently blogged on Scott and listed his release date as December of this year. The reader corrected us and stated his end of sentence date is December 2016.

This reader, another victim of Scott, has asked us more questions than we can answer by looking at only his Department of Corrections online info. We will attempt to get some answers for Scott’s victims, but we doubt that Hottie Scottie has been in any real trouble since his incarceration as he apparently has had no correctional incentive time revoked. Maybe he had his head shaved to look a little less hot in prison?

To be continued…

Note to anyone: If anyone feels sympathy for either Agee or Scott, simply stop to think about the children and other victims involved in their ongoing sagas. If you don’t feel more sympathy for these innocents, there’s something wrong with you. Period.


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