Saturday, May 30, 2015

Muscle Shoals v. Lexington

From a Lexington reader:

Here is your random guest commentary from Lexington!! To the lady complaining about Gary Dan Williams, to which she refers as the Principal at Muscle Shoals Career: we would GLADLY swap Willie Joiner, the current communist dictator principal at Lexington School for Gary Dan Williams. If you think its bad now, we will show you bad. Please accept our offer.


We hear changes are coming to Muscle Shoals in the fall. Relatives of personnel say they are actively seeking new positions. Other new hires from 2014 will be toast. We'll see.


On crack pipes: Copper pot scrubbers sold behind the counter are the second piece to the crack pipe.

We have a list of outlets; however, we prefer to have actual pics before publishing.


This is the Union Planters bank building purchased by Hibbett Patient Care...which promptly razed it. Quite a bit of money invested...

Will it still be a go? New Office


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