Monday, May 11, 2015

"Spice" Victims at Deshler Middle School? The Rumors Are True...

Since late last week, there have been rumors of at least one young Tuscumbia victim of the synthetic drug commonly called "spice." Apparently there were two Deshler Middle School victims of this popular drug. From an unimpeachable Tuscumbia source:

Two 8th grade boys at Deshler Middle School are the latest victims of a street drug known as "Spice." The two were allegedly smoking the drug in a wooded lot near one's house. A relative discovered the two. One of the two had to be life-flighted to Huntsville and was placed on life support. No other details are available at this time.

There are other rumors surrounding this incident that cannot be confirmed. We will not publish anything here that cannot be vetted. We would like to know where these boys, around 13 or 14 years of age, got the drug.

Why is the drug so dangerous? Apparently the main reason is the inconsistency of the amount of chemicals sprayed on harmless organic matter (think dried herbs). Most is made manually in China, and the manufacturers are not motivated to insure any consistency of product. In other words, one packet of Spice or Bath Salts sold at a convenience store could be harmless, while the one behind it from the same lot could be fatal.

Our best wishes to the young man now in Huntsville Hospital. Our wishes for the person who sold the drug to him? We don't usually publish that kind of language here.

We will add that we have every confidence that Chief Tony Logan will thoroughly investigate and bring the dealers to justice if at all possible. We can't say the same for some other police chiefs in the area.


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