Saturday, May 2, 2015

A Good Read? Yes!

Regular readers know we're all about local. Recently we've linked some books by local authors in our sidebar. We'll be changing up the offerings from time to time, but for now we're listing Used & Abused by Pam Mitchell as sold on Amazon.

This interesting tale depicts life in Florence, Alabama, as seen through the eyes of a woman married to a Lauderdale County politician. For some time this book was not available for less than $200.00, making it out of reach of many. The prices have come down over the past two or three years, and one may now purchase a copy for less than ten bucks.

We received ours today and are greatly looking forward to reading about local people and places as seen through the eyes of an abused wife and mother. Here's the link:


We had a recent question about the increasing "wake zone" around Shoal Creek Bridge. Perhaps readers can help us out with this one? 

We've learned only that the wake zone is set by Alabama Marine Police. It can be at their discretion or at the request of affected towns or property owners. In the case of the bridge, it would seem no property owners would be affected. Florence abuts the west end of the bridge, while Killen sits to the east. We don't see these towns being hurt by the wake, so we assume the marine police increased the zone size. (Calling this agency is like trying to communicate with Lauderdale Community Corrections.)



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