Sunday, May 3, 2015

Alabama Injustice/Sonny Tibbs

Tomorrow would have been David Andrasik's birthday. Tomorrow his killer will wake up in the Kilby Infirmary--yes, Hershel Graham is back in the prison medical unit.

What of Jason Green? He's at Kilby being processed. He has a 19 year sentence for shooting Shay Ledlow while Graham has only two years to actually serve. Why the difference?

Only two logical...and legal...reasons come to mind. Green was also under indictment for several other crimes of theft, and Graham ostensibly has such bad health the state doesn't want to foot his medical bills.

Is this justice? No. There can never be justice in such crimes.

We're left to ponder just how long Graham can play the system. Does he have health issues? Yes. He is a retired wrestler, so we assume he has some residual damage from that. He's also morbidly obese through every fault of his own.

How is life in prison different from Graham's life at home in Red Bay? Much less food and he probably doesn't get to choose the television programs he watches. Other than that? Nothing is different for this epitome of couch potato. Not much punishment for taking the life of a young husband and father, is it?


Now let's look at Sonny Tibbs. He was sentenced in Franklin County for a sex crime and given only 60 actual days to serve. Hmmmm, he's also a retired wrestler. Interesting.

How is Tibbs serving his time? First, he's in Marion County, not Franklin. We have no idea how he managed that, but he did.

The real kicker? He's doing only weekends. Let's see how that would work: First he has a large meal with whatever family he has left and reports to jail early on Friday night, then off to a bunk to read or watch television if he prefers. Saturday? It must be excruciating to him depending on his cell mates and the menu of the day, but he is probably able to go outside to exercise or ask for Benadryl to induce sleep. Sunday morning would provide a worship service, probably two of them. Then another nap and it's time for him to go home. Now that's punishment.


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