Saturday, May 16, 2015

Movers & Shakers...Thieves & Takers

We're still waiting for Justin Matthew Green's new squeeze to tell us why he's such a wonderful guy. Maybe she doesn't know about his theft of property arrest in 2008, not to mention fraudulent use of a credit card. Honey, if you can't do better than this...please think of your children. We know--brick wall. If you feel sorry for him, think about his beautiful daughter who died gasping for breath. Twenty years--no less!


The missing bench from 7-Points? Yes, it was removed at the request of merchants. At least three gentlemen regularly used the bench. One had been banned from McDonald's. One (not sure if same one or not) regularly asked shoppers to drive him one block to Chazz's. We assume the same one would ask for an ambulance when he could no longer walk.

Sad, but the merchant's association felt this was the best way to handle the situation. We see that one of these men now brings his own lawn chair.


We had a reader ask why Ryan Hydrick was not arrested for DUI the night of his brother's death. We're not sure he wasn't, but it is understandable if he was allowed to go home to his parents at a time like that. Will there be an appeal of the Moyers verdict? Certainly.


Remember Keller Hospice? It's been LHC Hospice for some time now. Apparently, hospice is still extremely cut-throat in the area. We'll have more on this later, but it seems LHC is now waiting in the wings to take the patients of a long-time Florence hospice which has lawsuits aplenty filed against it.

It's heartbreaking when our nearest and dearest need hospice care, but it's even sadder when their care is jeopardized by mismanagement. Choose all your medical providers wisely.


Whoooo! Let the Good Times Roll!


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