Saturday, May 23, 2015

More Tax Opposition in Colbert County

Colbert County, Alabama: Colbert County Commissioner David Black has announced his opposition to a proposed 27% county property tax increase. Commissioner Black encourages the voters of Colbert County (excluding the cities of Muscle Shoals, Tuscumbia, and Sheffield) to go vote in opposition of the tax increase this coming Tuesday, May 26th. Commissioner Black issued the following statement regarding the increase:

“As a County Commissioner, I oppose the school tax on which citizens will vote this coming Tuesday. Rather than paying higher taxes, I would prefer that we, the citizens of Colbert County, would have a discussion about improving the quality of education. We should be asking why our schools can’t be amongst the top rated in the state, especially since we already spend over $10K per student, more than 92 percent of counties here in Alabama. We should be asking to see the current budget, looking at how current dollars are being spent, and how we could improve matters. We should be asking for, and expect, excellence!

Our teachers already do an outstanding job! I thank them for that. Likewise, I encourage our students to strive for excellence! Better education leads to better jobs and higher incomes, which benefits us all. The more knowledge our students have, the better equipped they will be for all aspects of life. Both the quality and the perception, of our schools directly impacts economic growth, residential development, and quality of life. However, simply spending more of the taxpayer’s money is not the way to accomplish this. We need a different discussion. One about academic excellence, not more taxes.”


From a reader:

What is going on at Colbert Heights Elementary School? A new principal who has been there since January and was able to have a long time janitor fired. I have several kids who came thru this school and I always saw Mr. Pride working. I am a witness to the other janitor asking kids if their rooms were clean and said if not go tell the principal.

Maybe the firing of this janitor was part of the deal with this principal who was also hired in a rush and secret. I also pay property taxes in the county and I am not fooled by all the facts and figures put out by Mr. Olivis and Mr. Cornelius. My entire family will vote no. Until I know quality and high standard people are hired I have no intentions of paying another penny in taxes. How can you possible justify the fact of hiring a long time employee and just having a fiend of the principals already standing by to sub when he was out and was immediately hired to replace him. Mr. Montgomery may have had his problems but he was loyal and respectful to all parents, grandparents, students and in fact anyone who was in the school. 

I simply asked the principal what happened to Mr. Pride and she told me all the things he did wrong. The paper said private meetings are held to discuss employees. should this not be the case in the schools also. Hopefully one more year and the system can again clean up the mess made in the last 3 years. But until then I guess out with the old and in with the new will continue. I just don't have extra money to fund getting rid of old employees. VOTE NO Tuesday for the tax.


Ask Tony Olivis how much the board has spent on defending law suits...


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