Thursday, May 14, 2015

It's Who You Are at CCHS?/Sober Civility?

From a concerned Colbert County parent. The communication has been edited to remove names of minors:

As you may have read in the Times Daily there was some vandalism to the Colbert County High School that was discovered on April 27 . It was a "senior prank, gone bad". There were somewhere in the range of 14-15 seniors that were involved. Of those seniors some had never been in any type of trouble before and one was even the CCHS 2015 Homecoming Queen. These students have been placed in alternative school for the remainder of the year, with ALL senior activities stripped, even walking at graduation. In the Colbert County School Handbook this activity is a Class III offense.

On May 8, there was a fight that occurred between 2 girls from the softball team (Miss CCHS and a sophomore) that had stemmed from several weeks of bullying from teammates (whole different story). One of the 2 girls fighting was 18 while the other was 15. The 15 year olds mother was called immediately to pick her child up, while the senior was allowed to stay at school until 6th period. Mr. Satchel informed the mother of the 15 year old that the punishment would be 15 days alternative school and having to take exams. This is also classified as a Class III in the Colbert County Handbook. On further conversation the 15 day alternative school QUICKLY turned to 5 day suspension without consulting the board members.

On Tuesday, May 12 the mother of the senior posted on her personal facebook page that her daughter would walk at graduation. She would graduate with HONORS, she will keep her crown and IS next in line for Homecoming Queen since the crown has been taken from the former HCQ for the school vandalism. 
If you will look at the facebook post of (offender) you will also see that the principle, Mr. Stachel's wife, Mrs. Gail Satchel will be found in the comment section of the post, who is also a superior in the Colbert Count School System.

If both offenses were Class III, why is it ok for each to be punished differently according to WHO you are dealing with?

This parent has presented some interesting questions. We've previously posted similar stories from Florence, Muscle Shoals, and UNA. We personally support strong punishment when it's called for. We do not support favoritism and nepotism. We welcome any replies.


Some time ago we read a post on a local forum in which a learned gentleman stated the death of Treyvon Martin could have been prevented if he and George Zimmerman had only acted civilly toward each other. We agree.

It seems forensic testimony in the Joel Moyers trial has indicated victim Brandon Hydrick was three times over the limit for intoxication in this state or had at least .24 BAC (well on his way to alcohol poisoning). He knew the shooter Moyers by sight and according to Bronwen Murray often waved as he drove by Moyers' property. A few simple words of greeting would have prevented Hydrick's death. Brandon wasn't being rude; he simply was too drunk to respond to the situation. 

We preach about Spice and other illegal drugs, but compared to the misuse of alcohol, their impact is minuscule. Will this incident teach even one person to drink responsibly? We wouldn't bet one cent on it.


Johnny Mack Morrow has basically called Phillip Pettus a liar...and this is a surprise to anyone? We only think Morrow should have pursued his claims against Pettus. 

It looks like several other representatives are also irritated with Pettus' behavior. We're wondering if the confabulating rep from Greenhill will be on any committees next year...



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  2. Josh, we're happy to post your comment--just no vulgarities. BTW, Moyers didn't use an AK-47.

  3. Josh, we're happy to post your comment--just no vulgarities. BTW, Moyers didn't use an AK-47.