Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Crimes of Convenience (Stores)

Some time ago we stated we were going to feature those who abused children and animals. Selling "Spice" to a minor is definitely abuse. Convenience store owners know what's in their inventory and what isn't. Do you?

How about those lavish "Love Roses?"

What? Your significant other never bought you one...at 5.99 a pop? That must be because you don't smoke meth or crack.

Want to fight drug use/sales involving minors? The next time you see these lovely little items at the mini-mart check out, just tell the clerk to tell the owner you won't be back.


How about those really pretty glass pipes for smoking pot or even something as mundane as tobacco products? Guess what... You can use them to smoke other things. You can even just place them on your coffee table since they're really works of art, but so are pornographic statues. We do like this one:

And this one...

Talk about the irony. So who sells these? Do they sell anything you have to ask for with code words? "Yes. I need the Marlborough 72s, a box of matches, and, let's see...oh, yeah, a blind camel named Ishtar." Is that how it works?

People can say what they want to about Baggett Oil, and we said plenty when Phil dug up the pet cemetery, but at least he doesn't cater to the young and stupid.


From Tony Logan yesterday on the two young Spice victims:

We are working hard to find out where the source of the spice is coming in. We met with the drug task force this morning to see if we can find a common denominator to the sources of this spice. The two middle school kids last week were very serious. We were surprised that one of them recovered as quickly as he did and still wonder if he will have any long lasting health issues. We had another case over the weekend of a person being hospitalized due to spice. I am extremely concerned over this issue!


From L. Stone: Any truth to the rumor that Tuscumbia is getting a casino as soon as they can find some muskrat-proof slot machines?

We're not sure of the answer to that one, but apparently after spending quite a bit of money on studies/plans for the Sweetwater Arts & Entertainment District, the City of Florence is now spending more money to study moving the proposed district downtown.


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  1. Since all the chevrons and texacos that baggett oil sold are owned by middle eastern people now you can expect this sort of problem to get much worse. You wont catch me in there anymore.