Monday, May 18, 2015

Infants Die in Strangulation Accidents Every Day?

Justin Matthew Green’s new girlfriend has contacted us. We’re happy to make one correction for which she asked. She relates that someone at a church Green attended at the time of his daughter’s death started the tale about blanket strangulation.

Her second statement? Very young children die from strangulation every day. Our answer? No, they don’t.

First, statistics on such deaths usually include suffocation (nose/mouth obstructed) and choking (swallowing an object that won’t go down). Actual strangulation is fairly rare.

It occurs when a child loops a blind cord over its head and pulls downward. It also can occur when a cord/ribbon/etc. is intentionally placed around an infant’s neck and becomes entangled.

It does not occur because a 13 month-old child wraps an electrical cord around her neck three times and then somehow hangs it on a stationery object while still in her crib. Feel free to check the Internet--not one such accident ever reported.

If you need any more damaging facts, the American Academy of Pediatrics has stated a child can’t perform such a maneuver until 15 months of age. We found one incident, thankfully not leading to death, involving a 20 month-old child.


Denial? If Matthew Green is such a great guy, why would he even consider beginning a new relationship with a 20 year prison sentence hanging over his head? Of course, considering our legal system, he may walk. If he doesn’t? Maybe his new girlfriend can hook up with Brady Ann Irons’ latest fella. That trial should be in the very near future.

Wanna hear a funny? We actually feel sorry for poor ol’ Wes having to face his old squeeze now that he’s sober…just not sorry enough to think he shouldn’t face the judicial music.


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