Sunday, May 31, 2015

Hair in Black & White?


From a reader:

I brought something to the attention of the MSHS band director, David Water, regarding a young lady sitting on the front row at the year end band concert. The young lady had a half shaved head of about 1/2" black hair and the other half head was bleached blond hair below her ear.

Distraction? Absolutely.

I pointed out that not only was she sitting on the front row of the band on stage, but Holden, Stegall, Lindsey, all the band directors and some teachers were on stage with the child as well. I thought it strange that he told me he would prefer that I take that up with administrators, to which I responded that I would not waste my time.

FAST FORWARD.... After telling a friend about the conversation, he said, "You do know that David Waters is kin to Brian Lindsey, don't you?" What the heck?????

Brian Lindsey's MOM is a cousin of David Water's MOTHER IN LAW. I don't think we will ever get to the bottom of all the kin folk in MSCS. What a mess. MSCS where everyday is a family reunion.

If you ain't kin, you ain't in.


Another reader:

We LOVE Mr. Willie Joiner at Lexington. After Larry Smith, Mr. Willie had some huge shoes to fill. We'll be happy to ship Muscle Shoals a couple of rapists if they ever try to come back. They can keep Chad Holden too. His facebook page says he lives in Muscle Shoals, so how is he on our board?


Our take? Why is red hair not tolerated, but black/white is? We believe the FB page about  Muscle Shoals has been taken down.



  1. Mr Holden's facebook page DOES NOT say he lives in Muscle Shoals. It says Greenhill. Might want to check those facts before blogging misinformation.

    1. We believe anyone who can READ will have noted we mentioned that page was removed.

  2. Then why even print it to begin with?

  3. Muscle Shoals and Colbert County pretty much do as they please. Why had a an aid at CHES already been told she had the job vacated by a 3rd grade teacher and the job has just been posted. On top of this she lives in FLORENCE. Does Colbery County not have any qualified teaches in the county who would perhaps be better and more loyal to the Colbert County School System?