Sunday, May 17, 2015

Money/Bankruptcy/Vendetta--The Real 411

Sheriff Rick Singleton says Johnny Mack Morrow is personally opposed to Phillip Pettus' bill on uniform reimbursement. Our sources say he, and Marcel Black, are mainly just opposed to Phillip Pettus. Pettus does seem to have that effect on everyone. From a reader:

I want to commend Rep. Johnny Mack Morrow for standing up for what is right.  That bill should have a cap on the amount spent on uniforms. What if the amount the sheriff is quoting goes up the county is out more money. As for the sheriff wanting uniform reimbursement for the detention officers that is ridiculous because there is always a job opening at the detention center.  Are those uniforms going to be inventoried and reused?  Are new employees going to want to wear someone's uniform?  Who is responsible for getting that uniform back?  How often must  the county  buy new uniforms? Who is going to pay for all of this?  US the taxpayer.
Thanks for being here to let regular people vent.
We've had several questions on the sale of Baggett Oil. Many have complained about the company being sold to "Arabs." From what we've learned, most stores were sold to a U.S. company, but at least two of the Chevron mini-marts were sold to "Amal," no last name available. One of these is the Chisholm Road location.


Language? We've had to delete some FB comments due to language. Yes, your appraisal was correct, but just worded a little too strongly. Also, we'll have an update to a question asked by "Josh," who I'm sure didn't actually think we would publish his vulgar comment. Yet since he asked a question, we'll be happy to answer it sometime this week. He may not like the answer.


Best protocol in a police chase situation? We're asking three former officers and will publish their comments soon.


How do we know a certain hospice is headed for bankruptcy? Lawsuits, bank overdrafts, bounced payroll checks. The most recent director resigned last month and a former A&E bigwig has been brought in to save the day. One owner has reportedly jumped ship, but his creditors are still hot in pursuit. 

Everyone keep well!



  1. I don't care what you publish. This is me speaking directly to you. You are a joke. You are a fool. You have a very twisted view of justice. You supported a murderer while the jury, the DA, and virtually everyone who has followed this case from the beginning support the evidence in nearly every comment posted to the news stories. You'd think if your view was outnumbered 1,000-to-1, you'd ask yourself," I wrong here in my opinion? Perhaps I don't know what I'm talking about."

    You seriously need to reassess your moral center.

  2. Brandon Hydrick was your friend. I'm looking at the case impartially--you are not. Moyers deserved 15 yrs., not LWO.

    1. The jury looked at the case impartially. They decided the evidence was sufficient for Capital Murder, which has a life sentence.