Thursday, April 11, 2013

Weems & Moyers: Our Legal System is Flawed

We've been reading several comments on the Ron Wikkid Weems murder case, and it appears many think Weems could face the death penalty. Sorry, folks, Weems is charged with Felony Murder, not Capital Murder. Why?

We should all ask that. Surely the Colbert County District Attorney could have added attempted rape to the list of charges Weems faces. According to Weems' mother, he and Amanda Taylor had at one time been lovers, yet at this point it's not just a rape case, but a murder. The charge would have insured Weems was tried for Capital Murder and faced either death by lethal injection or life in prison. As it stands now, Weems will be eligible for parole and probably make it at some point.

In Limestone County we have a man who lived alone and was afraid of the thieves and vandals who had been frequenting his lonely stretch of road. When Joel Moyers saw suspicious activity, he attempted to stop the vehicle in which Brandon Hydrick was a passenger. As the driver sped off, Moyers fired one shot.

Here the story becomes much more nebulous. Moyers states he tried to fire over the vehicle, using a rifle that weighs at least nine pounds and probably as much as twelve. The Limestone County District Attorney says Moyers deliberately fired into the truck. Now Joel Moyers is charged with killing a man he'd never met...not out of anger or for money or any other personal reason. Why?

Yes, why is Ronald Weems not charged with Capital Murder and Joel Moyers is? Our hodge podge of Capital Murder crimes needs to be revamped, but it won't happen until the public demands it.

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There will be an appeal of the David Riley murder verdict on April 23rd. Riley was convicted of shooting liquor store clerk Scott Kirtley during a robbery. We understand it's just a formality. Like Ronald Weems, Riley is best kept off the streets. Unlike Weems, he's awaiting death by lethal injection.

While on the subject of revamping laws, why may the defense bring up any past indiscretion of the victim, but the prosecution may not enter most past arrests of the defendant into testimony? Shouldn't we bar such testimony on both sides?



  1. Amen! Why can defense lawyers tell the jury someone like David Andrasik is an alocholic but a prosecutor can't tell them Hershel Graham is a wifebeater who shot his own stepfather?

    1. We're aware that Hershel Graham had domestic violence charges brought by former girlfriends. We've not seen any record that he abused his wife. If he did, this should also influence Judge Dempsey's sentencing. We're hoping for the maximum of 20 years.

  2. The hypocrisy and just plain lunacy of the "logic" stated on this blog never ceases to amaze me. You are DEFENDING Joel Moyers for killing total strangers who posed no threat to him whatsoever and were simply LOST, yet in the same blog post CONDEMN Hershel Graham for killing a total stranger who threatened him and in both cases were on their OWN property. Are you on medication Shoalanda?

  3. First, Mr. Moyers did not kill "Strangers." He killed one man, and he claims it was an accident, unlike Hershel Graham who has quite a record and admitted he aimed at David Andrasik. We believe Mr. Moyers committed manslaughter and should be punished for that crime, not Capital Murder.

    Hershel Graham has a prior shooting on his record, as well as several domestic violence charges. Until the unfortunate shooting, Mr. Moyers had no criminal record. Quite a difference to anyone who does utilize sound logic.