Monday, April 1, 2013

Sparkey's & Walter Ricks/ Angel Gieske

Our friend Mary Carton recently took some photos of the new Sparkey's under construction in Valdosta. Apparently some of her readers were disappointed that the new establishment wasn't going to be grander. Then she received this e-mail:

Johnathon Smith Yes Mary, they started it yesterday. The outside should be almost complete by this evening. It is a plain design. Metal siding, very simple. The guy who plowed into the other building and destroyed it has not even attempted to offer an apology or anything. The owners (my parents) are gonna have to come out of pocket on several purchases for the new building. They would like to please everyone, but it is not in the budget to replicate the old building. It is already a little unfair that they are having to buy their business twice and the guy who destroyed it hasn't faced a single charge.

Wonder why the guy is not being held accountable?

We wonder too, Mr. Smith. Let's take a look at him. Walter Ricks, 41, was chasing a woman when he lost control of his 1999 Silverado truck. Ricks, who lives at 115 Graham Avenue in Tuscumbia, was only slightly injured. Sparkey's was a total loss.

At the age of 41, Ricks should know two things: How to drive and how futile it is to chase a woman who doesn't want you. Some folks just take longer to learn a few of life's basic lessons it seems.

It will cost the owners of Sparkey's money to sue Mr. Ricks and his insurance company, assuming he has one. We encourage them to do so.

Note: Photo by Trader. Read about Sparkey's here: Link


We've been blogging since October 2008. During that time, we've received many comments on many subjects, but never have we received the amount we have recently gotten from families who claim to have been destroyed by Angel Gieske. They want answers.

Tomorrow we're going to attempt to give some good legal advice to those who wish to sue Gieske. We're also going to look at Tuscumbia Middle School. It will be an interesting read.


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