Monday, April 8, 2013

Shoals Trial of the 21st Century

This week Ron Wikkid Weems goes on trial for the Felony Murder of his former sister-in-law Amanda Taylor. We found it interesting that Weems' defense attorney has stated he doesn't plan to call that many witnesses. He may feel the verdict is a foregone conclusion, but we have to wonder why Weems didn't plead guilty, as did his three partners in crime. In all probability, no deal was offered Weems, and the Juggalo will find the trial an interesting diversion before he heads South.


Several inquired about the longest period of incarceration Fox, Greenhill, and Pruett could face. As we stated yesterday, 40 months should see an EOS for the trio. That would give Fox and Pruett a release date of around April 2015--two years from now. That's assuming they receive the maximum of 10 years. It would be hard to imagine Judge Jackie Hatcher giving Ashley Greenhill any less than the max. As for Matthew Fox and Laurel Pruett, it would be possible, but we're pretty sure Hatcher will consider the political implications and offer no leniency.

However, as we stated yesterday, Fox and Pruett have already served enough time to be eligible for parole. After they're processed, we'll publish their AIS numbers so that the public may write the Parole Board.


There could possibly be a verdict in the Hershel Dale Graham Felony Murder trial today. A friend has asked us to elaborate concerning our belief in Graham's absolute guilt. We have done so via an e-mail, but we'll present this tidbit to our readers.

Hershel Graham offered this statement in his defense last Friday: “You never want to be in a situation like that and do something like that.”

Really, Mr. Graham? I would agree, especially since it's the second time in your life that you've shot someone in "self-defense." Yes, Graham once shot his stepfather, who fortunately lived. We don't know about any of you out there, but we here at Shoalanda have never shot the first person, much less the second...


The Hot Wheelz Hotties plan a poker run this Saturday. Barbecue plates will go on sale at 11:00 a.m. The run will start at Noon and requires a $20.00 entry fee. The event, held at Stagger Lee's on Hwy 20, will culminate with an auction. So far, over 3K in prizes have been donated by local merchants.

Hot Wheelz was founded by Lisa Steel Murr and Vickie Powers. We'll have an update on this later in the week. 


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