Friday, April 26, 2013

Those Low Down Druggie Blues

Most of us know things don't really go better with coke, or whatever the drug of choice may be. Two arrests earlier this week bring this reality home. First we have Cotey Allen Speyer of Russellville.

This is one the more unusual pics of Cotey since he's not wearing shades. Cotey openly states on Facebook that he wears his sunglasses indoors to hide his eyes. Red? Blown pupils? Who knows?

Earlier this week the 21 year-old Cotey and an underage Franklin County youth were arrested for taking part in four business burglaries plus several car break-ins. Cotey states he went to Haleyville High School in Winston County, but a source at the Russellville Police Department tells us he once attended Tharptown in Franklin County.

Tharptown isn't known for its liberal views on certain segments of the population, including not just those who indulge in the occasional toke, but those who may in some way be gender benders. After viewing Cotey's mug shot, we had to ask our informant if Cotey was gay. The reply? "He didn't used to be."


Next let's look at Stacey Mae Ivy. Stacey hasn't had it so easy the past two years or so. Her father Jerry Ivy was murdered by his cousin Junior Clemmons and her young son Kamron was taken into state custody. Stacey states on Facebook that she's in the process of reforming her life and will soon regain custody of the young boy.

The problem seems to be that while the 29 year-old East Florence woman is in the process of reformation, she continues to something. Her FB page mentions "crunk." Since we have a very limited vocabulary, we had to look it up. Crunk could mean crazy drunk, but probably means a combo of pot (chronic) and drunk. Still not quite mother material.

Now Stacey and boy friend Stephen Priest have been arrested in Sheffield (mugshot at right) for shoplifting, and when apprehended were found to be in possession of some very interesting drugs. Authorities say possession of LSD is extremely rare in this area. Perhaps it was Timothy Leary's birthday? No?

Actually, Stacey has stated this weekend is her 30th birthday and she'll be keeping her friends abreast of the her plans for celebration. Somehow we predict any celebrations will be held in the Tuscumbia City Jail where Colbert County's female prisoners are incarcerated.

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UPDATE: We had someone on Facebook, a Mars Hill graduate no less, inquire if the crimes of these two are actually so bad. This was our reply:

Cotey Speyer stole not just all the money, but the actual safe from Freedom House in Russellville. If you're familiar with Freedom House, you know the good work it does. Stacey Ivy stole from the DG next to Park Place--it's a common shopping area for those who live in the complex. She and her squeeze then erratically drove from the scene endangering any and all who got in their way. Yes, we think they both need help, but first they have to admit they have a problem and to be taken off the streets where they are a danger to others.


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