Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Federal Prison for Angel Gieske?

We promised those hurt by impostor Angel Gieske some good legal advice. First and foremost, retain an attorney if you haven't already. We can't stress this too strongly.

At least one reader asked about a class action suit. Again, only an attorney can give you definitive advice on this, but since there are several suits in the making, anyone hoping to recover any damage from Geiske should consider the time frame. That doesn't mean that one attorney can't represent several families.

Why is time so critical? The latest antics of Angel Gieske won't be relegated to a state board to sort out. It's our understanding that Gieske, a non-licensed provider, received Medicaid funds--received them under false pretenses. That's Medicaid fraud, and we do know it's vigorously prosecuted in this state.

Again we also encourage anyone hurt by Gieske to contact this site:


There's been an interesting development at Tuscumbia Middle School. It seems they're looking for a new principal. We had intended to bring you a guest commentary on some problems at that facility; however, we're now going to expand the articles and will publish later in the week.


The Hershel Dale Graham Felony Murder trial started today in Franklin County. We see that Graham has graduated from a cane used at his pre-trial appearances to a walker. Well, apparently he was at one time a professional wrestler. We're sure he has many theatrical tricks up his country bumpkin sleeve. Did we say country bumpkin? He seems to have enough smarts to have retained four attorneys. We continue to pray for justice for his victim David Martin Andrasik.


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  1. Since you bring up the topic of Prison, the first thing to my mind is Slander..on your part of course. Oh wait, we dont know who you are because as a coward c does , you sit back and hide behind the fake name Sholanda...now you tell me who's being fake...seems like all your misinformation and false accusations behind the alias Sholanda needs to be addressed. Do you know what its like to have a real job like Angel? Of course you don't you sit behind a keyboard bashing anyone you can just to get a lil recognazation. Thats a real big accomplishment how many life's have you changed...plenty im sure by downgrading their character.