Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Few Words About Joey Rushing

Shortly after we began this blog, a situation in Russellville was brought to our attention. A woman had been, for lack of another word, attacked by law enforcement in that town. No, she wasn't a criminal, and while we can't go into the details at this time, the woman was a victim of forces that should have been protecting her, but instead considered her collateral damage.

We were asked not to report on the incident since it could have cost two or more innocent individuals their jobs. If there comes a time when we can report on the physical and psychological attack, you will read it here.

We assumed, and wrongly so, that Franklin County District Attorney Joey Rushing was involved in this incident; as in believing he backed up the officers who committed this crime and asked others to lie to protect them. We examined every action of Mr. Rushing that we read about. If fault could be inferred, we did so, based on what we now believe was a very false assumption on our part.

After months of looking into Joey Rushing's record, talking to those who know him, and just general observation of character, we realized we were totally wrong. We've never informed Mr. Rushing of the attack that we had once believed he condoned; however, we hope he knows that at this point we admire his work ethic, his religious dedication, and the fact that he faces sometimes insurmountable odds in Franklin County to seek justice for those who've been so terribly hurt by violent crimes.

We see that Mr. Rushing is now taking some hits for prosecuting Hershel Dale Graham. We don't believe those who are criticizing him know all the facts...or perhaps they just aren't capable of rational thought. Perhaps to those individuals, it all boils down to guns and vigilante justice.

We're calling Joey Rushing our latest local hero. No matter what office he should run for in future, he will have our support. Thanks again, Joey. There aren't too many like you out there.


From a reader:

I'm not able to comment on this site for some reason, so I'm sending you an e-mail. I know the lady who owns the home where Elijah Graham was arrested one night last fall. She didn't know Elijah. He just parked in her driveway to take some drugs, shoot up or whatever he was doing. It wasn't pot.

So if I read some comments right, my friend who really didn't want this dopehead on her property, should have just shot him and then called police? I'm pretty sure that's what will happen to Elijah at some point anyway.


We're going to agree with our reader. We doubt Hershel Graham would have wanted the homeowner to have treated Elijah in the same manner he treated David Andrasik.



  1. He is , without a doubt , a fine man - DA , Joey Rushing !

  2. Joey Rushing is not only a great an honest DA, but a good a decent human being. He is in the position he is to keep the "people" safe and do what is right by not only by man's law, but the law of God. When a person, such as Joey is in the position he is, there are ALWAYS those individuals out there that try and taint his name and reputation. Law abiding people, don’t listen to the lies, they can always count on him to do the best job he can and do it with dignity. He has proven without a doubt in the David Andrasik murder case, that it was NOT SELF-DEFENSE put out of pure and evil malice Graham murdered him. Our prayers go out to Mr. Rushing and to the Andrasik family, for they have been through a nightmare no one could ever imagine. To them, it’s not just a report on the nightly news, he was a living human being, with a wife, children, mother, sister, aunts, uncles, and cousins, friends who knew him and love him. Taken way before his time and missed beyond words. Keep up the great work Mr. Rushing; you have people who count on you!