Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Angela Gieske Comedy Show - Part I

 Can You Spot the Imposter?

Angel Gieske of Rascaltown, Tennessee, sat in the witness box. Testifying in a custody case, Gieske was obviously expecting some tough questions from the other side. What she didn't expect were the questions concerning her qualifications.

We've previously mentioned that Gieske doesn't list her credentials on LinkedIn or ZoomInfo or any other site that we've searched. Besides calling herself a Behavior Analyst, she also claims a doctorate in her application to work for DHR as an independent contractor. Gieske has worked or is working in Lauderdale, Colbert, Franklin, Walker, and Limestone Counties, receiving a salary from DHR, which in turn is reimbursed from the state's general fund--in plainer words, taxpayer money.

Furthermore, Gieske is listed as an Alabama Professional Rehabilitative Service Provider, meaning she can offer services via the State Department of Mental Health, Department of Children's Affairs, and Department of Youth Services, as well as DHR. So what education did she claim under oath when asked?

Angel Gieske stated under oath that she has a bachelor's degree in education from Union University in Jackson, Tennessee. No mention is made of any master's work, but she further claims a doctorate from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale where current graduate courses are $938.00 per credit hour for out of state students. If Geiske did enroll in any of these classes, her tuition would have been the equivalent of almost 3K per course--pretty steep for a school teacher. She related that she took some courses on campus, and others online, beginning in 2000. She stated her doctorate, finished in 2003, was in "Rehabilitation Behavioral Analysis and Therapy." Again, please note these statements were made under oath.

Now perhaps some of us or our friends have requested a transcript from some school only to be told on the first attempt that it doesn't exist. If this was Gieske's only problem with documenting her PhD we would not be that concerned. It's just that's not the only problem.

Southern Illinois University in Carbondale does not offer any online courses. Nor does the university offer "Rehabilitation Behavioral Analysis and Therapy" at the doctorate level. Nor does the university list Gieske as an alumna.

Tomorrow we'll look at Angel Gieske's problems in the State of Tennessee--where she does have a valid driver's license. Ba da Boom!



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    1. It certainly looks that way. That does not mean she will be arrested and tried at the state level. She should have to repay the state any money it will have to repay Medicaid. A more likely scenario is a Federal charge of Medicaid fraud.