Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Waiting Game

We had been waiting to publish today for a report from the Hershel Dale Graham Felony Murder trial. As of yet we haven't received word from the contributor, so we'll offer a few updates on various topics.

1. The Brown Recluse wants her fans to know the comment concerning a regular Saturday column for the TimesDaily was an April Fool. We inferred as much since we've never seen the TotallyDecatur use a local author on a regular, or even irregular, basis. You can still read TBR on her deeply insightful blog featured on our sidebar. She's taking part in the A to Z Blogging Challenge this month.

2. Pen-N-Sword is reporting accused rapist Deion Bonton has been released from the Florence-Lauderdale Detention Center on bond.

3. Home invader Blake Austin Hines remains incarcerated in that facility. No word on his still to be captured cohorts.

4. Andrew Daniel Scott also left the detention center today via judge's order. We received no more details from our source and don't know if Hottie Scottie is entering drug rehab or is being allowed home before a trial. We hope this involves a plea that will demand serious counseling for Scott.

5. A reader commented with tongue in cheek concerning the huge awards sure to come from any suits against Angel Gieske, an unlicensed counselor who seems to have taken local DHR and several others for quite an unpleasant ride. No, we're pretty sure most of the money Gieske made from this felonious project is now spent. That may make it harder to find an attorney willing to participate in any lawsuit. The main thrust of these lawsuits should be to ensure Gieske doesn't just move her con from Alabama to still another state; however, if Medicaid does follow through, Gieske will be moving...


Who knew Boz could yodel?


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